Hope Rechord Live 24 and Tearfund Concert

So here is my first blog post of 2017, the end of 2016 was hectic for me, I don't know how it was for you if it was busy, joyful, stressful or heart wrenching. The end of the year for me was a mixture of all of the above for me.

In midst of some of the more challenging things I went through Sarah and I welcomed our first daughter Hope Isla Baker. I also accepted a job at The Rainbow Project as the project coordinator. I will be starting next week. The project supports asylum seekers and refugees in Nottingham. 

I am continuing to do some music, I recently did some recording with Kate Auburn a singer songwriter in Nottingham, I also played a show last week at The Lion in Basford

Coming up though I will be off to Scotland for a couple of exciting things that i will be part of. The first is on 1st Feb I will be playing in Dundee to raise money for Tearfund's Cambodia project. I am excited to partner with the United Free Church and their commitment to this particular project with Tearfund. 

After playing in Dundee I will be off to Glasgow to work with Rechord again and be involved in their Live 24 event which is a 24 hour live stream of worship music featuring some of their artists and a few guests too. It will definitely be worth tuning in to the live stream, and engaging with Rechord through social media and supporting their ministry. 

Thank you for all your support, whether you follow me online, have bought any of my music, been to see my live, or you are just curious and find yourself reading this blog. 

The Pursuit

I am so excited about the release of this video, I have been listening to a first mix of the studio recording too. I wrote this song with Andy Ashworth. It is a significant song for me that expresses something of my own experience of God's relentless love. 

Rechord Announce The Pursuit Video

Here's what they wrote on Facebook:

“Reckless and raging furious longing of God, Your arms are wide open, I’m swept in this tide of love”

We caught up with Adam Baker ahead of the release of his first video with Rechord and got to hear a little about his inspiration for is track, The Pursuit.

Inspired by author Brennan Manning and songwriter Rich Mullins, Adam describes writing The Pursuit as 'experiencing the furious longing of God like being caught up in a storm, helpless and subject to its force' and how important an experience that was for him as well as hoping that more people will encounter God and his love in this way.

We're excited. You should be too. The Pursuit. 4th November.

Rechord introduce me

So Rechord officially introduced me as their new artist on facebook

Who is this smiley chap we hear you ask? 

Friends of Rechord, meet Adam Baker... our latest recording artist. 

We're really excited to be working with Adam and can't wait to share his music with you all... really soon! 🎉
 — with Adam Baker.

A Ripple

This weekend I will be going to help Calaid sort and pack donations that will be going to refugee camps in Europe. Its only a small thing but as my wife and I have been thinking about what we could do we heard about Calaid and so thats why we are going. In such an overwhelming and seemingly hopeless situation we want to do something and be part of bringing hope and transformation. It may only be a ripple, but many ripples could be a wave of transformation.

 Photo by crazydiva/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by crazydiva/iStock / Getty Images