Daniel Johnson Shares About His Songs

Dawn of Glory is a song that celebrates the resurrection. I think the New Testament teaches that the resurrection of Jesus is the most precious jewel in the crown of the gospel. Everything hinges on it. Even the atonement, which is so precious and vital, relies on the resurrection. So I get excited singing this song.

Guiding Hand is about trusting God through life, because of what Jesus has done through His cross and resurrection. God’s sovereignty isn’t a harsh truth to be feared, but a wonderful truth of comfort and peace. He’s our Father, and He is good to us.

By Faith is about the way we receive the blessings of the gospel. We have our sins forgiven and we are made alive with Jesus. I like the way that, even though it covers a lot of theology, the lyrics are full of imagery. This song took the longest to write.

Arise my Soul is good fun. I love the folky groove, and the band are on fire. Lyrically, it is more circular than linear. I throw light on a few different themes of who God is and how they bring us to worship.

Let Your Love has my favourite lyric I’ve ever written, in verse 2.

“Let Your cross, the mystery of Your sacrifice,

Where You chose to climb my Calvary

Be where grace destroys the temples of my pride,

Where this slave finds liberty.

Let the tomb from which You rose victorious

Be the grave where all my idols die

Let me journey ‘til I see Your glory

Let my soul be satisfied.”


this blog post written by Daniel Johnson