Cross Rhythms Reviews The New Day EP

The New Day EP

This is a six-song EP from a singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland. "Come Away" has an American country feel enhanced by up-tempo percussion and synth while "New Day" adds electric guitar to the mix before the bass guitar-driven prayer "Weary Soul" showcases some powerful lyrics ("My weary soul has battle scars/An inward war that marks my heart") accompanied by some nimbly executed acoustic guitar. Acoustic chords also feature on the love song "Next To You" while the standout track has to be "The Beauty And The Broken", ably supported by electric guitar, bass and drums and vocal tones that hearken back to early Neil Young. Again it is the lyric that makes it special ("These threads of life entangled, together they are tied. . ./It's written in the fabric/Into our lives it's woven/A collision of the beauty and the broken"). Mr Baker is clearly a poetic songsmith and a name to watch out for.


Reviewed by A T Bradford