So far sounds: Cambridge

I had a great night last night with @sofarsounds in Cambridge joined by E.W Harris and Elliot Morris two excellent songwriters and musicians. It was so much fun. So far sounds is one of the best ways to not only play and perform but to listen to and appreciate music. I have now been to a few events as a listener and now a performer for the first time and I love it.

The night kicked off with Elliot Morris and his incredible guitar playing, soft but powerful vocals. I played after and enjoyed sharing songs and stories with the audience. E.W Harris then played a mighty set with a strong voice full of passion and emotion. All three of us finished the night off with a song each. It was an excellent evening.

Adam Baker Photographs: Copyright My Linh Le

Elliot Morris - Photographs: Copyright My Linh Le

E.W Harris Photographs: Copyright My Linh Le


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