Guest Blogs: James Garner

James Garner

Tell us a little bit about your musical background, what instruments do you play, are you in a band etc?

I've always loved music from a very early age, my first love was Blondie and of course The Beatles. My dad’s record collection, was a treasure trove of amazing music and really gave me my taste for melody. I took some basic guitar lessons as a kid but nothing formal, just learning some basic chords and scales. When I got to secondary school I started the formal route learning Classical Guitar and music classes but I guess I wasn't ready for that more formal side of music, as I found it too much of a chore. However, I am now much more interested in that theory side and am picking that up again with renewed vigour. It comes to people are different times but you have to make sure that music is a pleasure first and foremost.

I switched to bass guitar in 2000 when I  joined Brain Of (an early 2000’s rock band) and made the mistake that a lot of guitarists make, which is think that if they play guitar then bass is the same only easier, as you've only got 4 strings to worry about! Of course, this isn't true and the art of bass playing has only really opened up to me in the last few years.

I am currently a member of Human Face which is a project with my long term musical partner Gavin Clarke and a vehicle for our songwriting partnership. We are also both members of its sister Function Cover Band, which is a function/party band.

How long have you been playing, making and performing music?

I joined my first band my 1993, which was called the Jaguers (with the purposefully misspelled name to emulate the Beatles). I then joined a band called Alterego in the mid’90’s, before joining Brain Of in 2000. I’ve been a member of Human Face since 2008 and am loving every minute of it.

Had you heard about The Street Child World Cup before you got involved in Adam Baker’s song?

I hadn't heard about it before but seen it a lot since. As a big football fan the exposure has been increasing over the past few months and its been a pleasure to alert peoples attention to this very worthwhile charity. It’s an amazing organisation offering some real hope the kids across the world. I’m so pleased that working with Adam has exposed us to this and that we can have a hand in helping.

Is there an aspect of the project or song that you particularly were interested in or enjoyed?

I loved working with Adam on the New Day EP that I did some bass parts for. I knew I enjoyed his songs but obviously this one was special because of the association with the Street Child World Cup. When Adam asked if there were any other musicians that I knew I instantly told him that I was lucky enough to be married to an amazing singer. Harri provided some beautiful harmonies, which work so well with Adam’s vocals.

Why is this important to you? 

I’m a huge football fan and a huge music fan and the project that Adam was getting involved with was really something that I wanted to help with. It was very fulfilling to hear who the song came together. I especially loved the strings and Adam’s lyrics to the song. 

Do you have any other musical projects coming up? 

I’m currently finishing off my third album with Human Face, which will be called The Waiting Game, which is due for release in the summer. We have already released a demo for it which can be downloaded for free 

I’m also working on an exciting project which will really help musicians from around the world. It is a web-based musicians community like no other and we hope to be launching this summer. We are trying to break down the barriers of location or distance, when it comes to making music. Since forever, the only way to play music has been to get people in a room together at the same time. Those barriers are coming down and I want to make it possible for musicians to be as productive as possible wherever they are.

I am also carrying on my Bass Session business and love helping people to complete their tracks. It has been a great way of meeting new musicians was actually how I met Adam ( I have also recently added production and mixing services to my line up (