A Visit To Vidigal Favela and Today's Schedule

A Visit To Vidigal Favel yesterday was packed with lots of fun activities, street dance, music, sports and games with local people. We were raising the banner of The Street Child World Cup in Vidigal together! The kids alongside a graffiti artist made this mural.

A Visit To Vidigal Favela

A Visit To Vidigal Favela

I was also making some music with some of the kids in the evening yesterday. We got some beats to one of the kids songs. It was nice hearing kids sing and share their songs. 

One of the fringe activities I find really exciting is a sign language work shop. I heard good things about it. There are so many cool things taking place. 

Today is going to be a little bit more chilled out for me as it is much more football heavy. So lots of football to follow online. The final conference will take place today. We will look at issues that the kids can campaign about in their countries and how they can do that with the support of Street Child World Cup.