A Message To The World

Yesterday it was the final session of the conference , it was excellent. The Burundi team were sharing lits of ideas and stories as we looked at obstacles street children face and solutions to overcome these obstacles.

I was very inspired by their conversations as they shared their stories, their challenges and their ideas about overcoming such challenges. These ideas and these words were recorded by them as they wrote their message to the world on a postcard. Some of their messages are so inspiring and so amazing. These postcards will be used to campaign for street children's rights from all over the world.

Their voices will accompany many other street children around the world who have also been asked what would they tell the world if the whole world was listening to them. This will all take place on International Day of The Street Child. It is going to be a massive campaign that will be localised by partner organisations and networks across the world.

More Than A Game

More Than A Game

It was a very special session. 

In the evening we had all sorts of fun in between matches including some local wildlife which a zoo brought to us and dances from India and Burundi.