Street Child World Cup Legacies

Already some exciting stuff is happening post street child world cup.


They have received huge amounts of press coverage on the main newspapers and news channels and people are praising these kids, the champions of The Street Child World Cup. There organisation has grown and now has more promised funding for the future. There project could be leading the way as an example to other sports initiatives with street children. There story is being told.

Street Skills was first piloted with Team Tanzania in partnership with the Premier League and QPR. Two QPR coaches gave training to 20 street children and police officers in how to coach football and work with children connected to the street. Street Skills aims to engage marginalized children through football alongside the arts and education to give them the skills they need for a better future.

The BBC have covered some of the final of The Street Child World Cup on BBC World News

This is why The Street Child World Cup matters, street children have dignity and worth, no child should ever have to live on the streets.

This link is to a video where street children form The Street Child World Cup remember 8 street kids who were killed in 1993. ,